18th FACEBOOK STREET; ‘This street ain’t safe’


This street ain’t safe anymore
Playgrounds where there used to be teddies
and seesaws have turned territories
so we see sores after each exchange of words
The rate of exchange between vocabularies
has rendered the ‘less-dictioned’ speechless.


Bullets keep flying over heads
like shooting stars to drop ‘self-acclaimed’ stars
The faint-hearted just stare at the bliss
of firecrackers while the strong at heart
jump onto armored cars to shoot,
or jubilate the thud of a fallen soldier.


Charley, this street ain’t safe anymore
You’re at liberty to speak your mind
And so is everyone, parading the hood
But be careful you don’t step on the tail
of an Ace in the hood else you’d take off your hood,
while your golden heart melts without delay.


The street sign points at several directions
as the seemingly right assertions
of everyone with enough followers
So lead your heart before you fall
for love or prejudice or better still,
Let love lead because blankets of hatred are free on this street.


You’re free to share, like and comment
on opinions but be ready when you cut
deep into the onions of someone’s opinion
You are on your own when you poke
the silent gathering of bees with war
The trolling from onlookers can make you cry


Users uphold personal views regarding religion,
faith, gender, politics, media and many
Thread cautiously or be prepared
to bleed to stand for the cause you live for
The good and bad reside here on this street
so you better learn, unlearn, or face your book.


Your right to speak requires
your need to speak right
without injuring another’s right
This street is open to anyone regardless
So please don’t regard anyone less
because you don’t know them personally.
More so, play safe so you don’t fall into a trap
Because this piece isn’t safe either.


© Eben Ace