Hot Gossip: Shatta Michy joins Occult group “Freemason” and we have all the juices for you.

Shatta Michy Diamond is an artiste and entrepreneur and owner of Diamond’s pub at East Legon, Accra-Ghana. She is a baby mama to Ghanaian dance hall artiste Shatta Wale. Together, they have a kid called Majesty.

Throughout the week, enough headlines had reported on the velitation between these two lovers.

Some of the reports had it that Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale have been in a vigorous fight which one swelled the other’s head and one pulled out a knife.

We thank God one weren’t wounded that much. Well the two musician/lovers also posted on their social media platforms and it’s a proof that they were into a little misunderstanding.

The mystery here is that, Shatta Michy has been seen with something that only the “Freemasons” possess.

A picture of Shatta Michy wearing a finger ring of which we think it’s similar to what the Freemasons wear has been popped up on social media and people are already giving judgements that she’s part of the occult.

Until further notice, we are looking forward to hearing from her wether she just felt like buying a similar finger ring like the Freemason’s wear or she really is into the occult.

See and Compare for yourself.

The ring worn by the occult “Freemason”


Shatta Diamond Michy with similar ring on her finger.


These are the few things we gathered from the Freemasonry ring which we think has similarities as Shatta Michy’s ring

  1. “Masonic signet rings are popular among men because they have been a seal of distinction for centuries. Modern day Freemasons wear their rings as a symbol of loyalty to their Mission and their Values”.
  2. “The most common is that the “G” stands for God, and is to remind Masons that God is at the center of Freemasonry. In this context it can also stand for Great Architect of the Universe (a non-denominational reference to God).
  3. There is no right or wrong finger or right or wrong hand on which to wear your Masonic Signet Ring. Most married men wear them on the opposite hand from which they wear a wedding ring…usually on their 3rd finger. They are also popularly worn on the little finger.

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