Delay Is A Mad And Frustrated Woman - Nana Tornado Tires Delay Apart

Delay Is A Mad And Frustrated Woman – Nana Tornado Tires Delay Apart

The ones ever lively and joyful friendship between actor Nana Tornado and Deloris Frimpony Manso popularly known as Delay came to a sudden end after Delay indicated she made Nana Tornado, who he is today.

Last year there was a story circulating on various news platforms where Delay indicated that she picked Nana Tornado who was a nobody  and made him into a somebody today.

Well, actor and pimp, Nana Tornado shared his disagreement with Delay’s statement in this week’s episode of Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.

Nana Tornado who initially denied knowing Delay on the show said in an angry manner to Zionfelix that Delay is a woman who is frustrated and going mad.

“Don’t you know Deloris is going mad, and she’s frustrated? She is a mad and frustrated woman.” Nana Tornado responded after Zionfelix asked if Delay was the one who made him.

6 years ago I was with Pascaline Edwards who said she was going on set to shoot a program, so decided to join her. It was through this set that Deloris saw me, and I guess she liked my style.” Nana Tornado shared further with Zionfelix

He added that “it was then Delay said she wanted me to come shoot a program for her, which is now Afia Schwarzenegger. So I shot the program for her.

Speaking to Zionfelix, he further revealed his aim of shooting the program for Delay was just a form of help he was offering to a friend, and didn’t expect any exposure from it.


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