No Ghanaian Rapper Is Better Than Me, Not Even Sarkodie – Manifest Says


Kwame Ametepee Tsikata popularly known in showbiz as Manifest has indicated that he is the best rapper in his generation.

The rapper and songwriter claimed that no Ghanaian rapper comes close to level of rap, and not even Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie can be compared to him.

This whole situation started when a fan on twitter asked the “godMC” rapper who he considers to be better than him.

The pioneers and legends I always pay respect to; everyone else di3…” his response to his twitter fan.

Back in 2016, Manifest found himself in a lyrical battle with Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie, a development which caught the attention of many Ghanaian music lovers.

Manifest was alleged to have released godMC, a song that was interpreted by Sarkodie’s camp as a “diss song.” Sarkodie then responded in a brutal and harsh manner with ‘Kanta’, and Ghanaians were left to determine who won the rap war in that exchange.

In my opinion, I believe during the lyrical battle between Sarkodie and Manifest, Sarkodie dismantled and murdered Manifest, leaving him with no chance of replying.

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Joshua Elikem Atta-Mafu

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